Company Profile 

Bursalư Havlu Iplik Boya San. ve Tic. A.̃. that makes its production with brand name BURSALI HAVLU ,was founded in 1980 in Bursa.
One of company founders Mr.Fuat Bursalư is still the chairman of the board.

BURSALI HAVLU who has acquired an important role in Bursa,has taken its place in the process of industrialization. It increased its production capacity in 1995 with the fast growing Technologies by renewing itself constantly.It is a company who adopts the principle  of the quality and customer satisfactory on its basis.

Our company who has been established on closed area of 30.000m2 in 2010 with its yearly rising exports and 400 employees, continues to operate by accelerating to Bursa and country’s economy.
Our company who exports all of its products to whole countries of America and Europe and also the Russia ,has taken its right place among leading 30 organizations of Bursa in 2010.

Bursalư Havlu has chosen Russia who is one of the devoloping largest markets,as its center in branding way.

It makes production in Russia with brand name ‘’Bursalư Havlu’’ and sells its products in world brand markets and elite stores. 

Our company is an entegrated company together with dyeing ,weaving and confection processes with its machine park which has latest model technology. Production which starts with raw material cotton is being manufactured as product according to customers requests at last step.   

Bursalư Havlu has annual production capacity of  4.000.000 kg towel and bathrobe and  4.500.000 kg yarn and roll dyeing . 

Our company’s; mission is to be an organisation which works regularly ,live and dynamic.With the power we received from this ,our aim is to be the best in towel and bathrobe sector by increasing the customer satisfactory. We are here to make our employees which we accommodate with principle ‘first human’’ more productive by increasing our employees properous level. 

Our vision; is to be mentioned with our name as the best supplier in jacquard towel,beach towel and bathrobe productions ,working very fast according to customer standarts,with understanding which gives an importance to human and sensitive to enviroment.